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Saturday, November 29, 2008

tail skid area, wing jig & stuff

One of the things I wanted to do was make a jig for building the wings. So, I took some time to match up the front and rear fuselage fittings with corresponding blocks of aluminium and attached them to a long piece of angle.

Now, when it comes to mating the wings with the fuselage, the fittings will line right up.

I also fabricated a simple tool to cut out the little leather circles which keep the wires from chaffing. I took a piece of tubing and ground the end sharp.

Then, you just give a few taps with the hammer and you have perfectly round leather disks.

Which go here. Brass wire secures them in place. I have several more disks to make yet.

Part of the support structure at the tail skid are two tubes which act as transverse wires. The tubes are flattened at one end. I used a vice and a hammer to get the shape I wanted.

Then the ends were given an angle.

And the tube was cut to fit. Notice the angle in the universal clip on the upper right side of the picture. The tube fits into a slot on the lower tail skid support.

Here they are painted and bolted in place.
More to come


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