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Friday, August 22, 2008

Coppering has begun

Remember the pile of rough cut ash from the last blog? Well, I took it to Briggs Milwork in Mableton GA where Mr. Briggs ran the stuff through his big planer. Remember, the wood started out as 13/16th and it needed to be planed to 1/4 in. Briggs Milwork specializes in making wood flooring, so his machines were easily up to the task.

Here you can see the ash for the floorboards, a piece to make the tail skid and two engine bearer shims.

Yesterday, I varnished the last of the wooden pieces.
Today, the coppering began! Each piece if wood has 10 oz. copper wrapped around the end. I guess it's for crush value betweeen the steel fitting and the wood, but it looks neat and that's all that matters......Kidding.

Don't forget to drill your hole in the copper before going all the way around.

Finished with an overlapped seam.

Rather than using the big, heavy shears, I found that my wife's paper shears cut the copper rather easily. Good thing I married a school teacher. This thing came in handy.
Here's the day's progress.


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