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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Spider Plate and Wobble Pump

Welded the lip on the lower Spider Plate today.

Next step is to rivet the doublers in place.

Here's where they go.

Lastly - my friend and fellow Bucker Jungmann owner John LaBarre sent me this D-11 wobble pump. Since the Hisso carburetor is higher than the bottom of the fuel tank, the engine will not gravity feed. Originally, they solved this problem by -

1.) pressurizing the fuel tank with an air pump.
2.) install a header tank in the center section fed by a mechanical (or wind driven) fuel pump.

I really don't like either of these options. The thought of a fuel tank under pressure, ready to burst, does not thrill me. I think the header tank looks awful.

So, I'm going to put an engine driven fuel pump on the back of the Hisso, and use this wobble pump as a backup. I think the Old Rhinebeck Jenny uses this method.

This pump is in great shape, but in all likely hood, it should be overhauled. Does anyone know a place that overhauls D-11 pumps? They seem like simple creatures. Anyone take one apart themselves and do the same thing?

A hearty thanks to John LaBarre for the pump.

More tomorow



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