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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Radiator arrives

The long awaited radiator had finally arrived!

Nearly a year ago, we had contracted with Pursang in Argentina to build us an authentic radiator. We sent them as much information as we could (details) and the results were great. The radiator was a work of art!

The radiator has the original style core, which is a bunch of round 1/4 in. round brass tubes flaired to 5/16 in. square at the ends (so the tubes stack and the water runs between). This is a Hisso radiator which is a bit different from the OX-5 radiator. The Hisso needs more cooling area and is rounded on both the top and bottom.

Just for fun, Ron and I held the radiator up to the engine. I was also surprised how much the radiator weighed! We had it built exactly to specs and it weighs as much as a Sherman tank! Only kidding. It is pretty heavy, though. Don't worry - it's supposed to be that way.

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