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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Front Landing Gear Fittings

Back home after taking the wife, kids and in-laws on a week long vacation. We had a good time and yours truly actually got to spend an entire day at the Sun-N-Fun airshow.

Back to work on the Jenny!

I got a call from Clint at the machine shop. The front landing gear bending jig was ready.

Other than pictures, I did not have any original drawings of the front gear fittings. Luckily, Doc Hood made some pretty accurate drawings. I used these drawings to design the bending block as well as the patterns for the fitting.

Here's another shot of the bending block. I had Clint put the 27 1/2 degree angle on each end. You'll see how this comes into play later.

Here's the process: I took the .063 in. water jet cut steel and marked the centerline. Here is where you make the first bend, mostly by hand, after heating the centerline. I used two vice grips, one on each end of the steel.

Heat slowly with the torch, pulling the ends downward. Sometimes, a few taps with a hammer made the steel follow the form. Keep the front end clamped. It helped keep things in place.

Then I flipped things over and worked on the back side.

The steel was a little long (about 1/16 in. on each side) so I cut off the excess with the bandsaw and a file.

The end was welded and the fitting pulled off the block. I started making the second fitting, but ran out of time.

While I was on vacation, Ed Rogers from Indian Lake High School sent me some pictures of their shop project. His students had made quite a bit of progress on their Jenny. I'm pretty proud of them and hope they keep plugging away.

Till next time, enjoy.



Anonymous Ricardo T. said...

Hi Mr Carli: In first place sorry for my poor English!
I congratulate you for your excellent work with the Curtiss Jenny restoration. It is the kind of work what I dream I’ll do some day. But I know here in Argentina, where I live, this is far impossible. But I satisfied me with a modest work of aeromdelling, and this E-mail is for make you a question:
I’m building a 1/8 Scale of a Curtiss Jenny, and, As I read in your blog, I have the same hard work with the wiring! Now the question and maybe you will have the kindness to answer me: which is the diameter of the wing wiring? I’ll use Dakron thread, but I don’t know what a diameter to use to match the scale of the original wire.
I’m a small scale modeller to, and I do some airplane art with wood. Here is My web page.
The best wishes from the far Argentina, for you and for your excellent Curtiss Jenny restoration.
Ricardo T.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Brian Karli said...

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for enjoying the Jenny restoration process. I hope this blog helps a lot of Jenny builders in the future. Sorry for the delay answering your e-mail. I had been working a lot (not on the Jenny) and finally had some time to get you the information you requested.

The wing wiring : All the wires inboard of the wing struts are 5/32 in. The outboard most wires and the king post wires (on the top of the wing near the upper ailerons) are 1/8". The drag wires from the engine to the lower wing are 5/32".

Lastly, the center section wires are 1/8".

I hope this answers your question. Thank you for allowing me to see the beautiful models on your website. I look forward to seeing a Jenny model someday!

If there is anything else I can do to help you, please ask.



11:22 AM  

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