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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Front Gear Fitting

All right - Guess what? I made the fittings incorrectly. One would think that a fitting gets bent so as to have the weld at the spine, right? The basic drawing that I had did not go into much detail. So, I followed logical thinking. Weld the spine.

Not on a Jenny! The weld goes in the front of the fitting. Rats!

In my research pictures, I also noticed that the bolt holes were in the wrong location. Take a look here. The correct fitting is on the left. Had I used the wrong (spine welded) fitting on the right, the lower bolt hole would have been in the thinnest part of the front landing gear leg. So, I made two more fittings with the weld in the front.

Jenny landing gear wind chimes anyone? Perhaps Christmas tree ornaments? (below). What else will I do with them?

Anyway, here are the two new fittings.

I designed the jig to work this way. The original pattern fitting is on the right.

First, the excess was cut with the bandsaw.

Then it was ground to follow the angle of the jig and filed to shape.

Now the fitting is ready for the lower plate. Here's the completed fitting after the welding was done.

There's a doubler that needs to be brazed onto the long ear yet, but that's for next time.




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