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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hisso Propeller

Good news! The Hisso prop arrived safely from St. Croix Propellers. Pretty neat, eh?

Here's the story:

When old engine guru Denny Trone graciously decided to let me have his spare Hisso, I happened to notice several propellers displayed on his back wall. I was not thinking about props at the time, but one propeller in particular caught our attention. It had a beautiful scimictar shape - kinda "1920-ish". Not sweeping. Not straight. Sort of in between. So, I took several pictures of it and went on my merry way.

Several prop makers were later contacted with above picture. Chad Wille e-mailed me back and said "So you like the prop on Denny's wall..." Having made the propeller for Old Rhinebeck's Hisso powered Jenny, I found out that he was all tooled up and ready to carve another one.

I was pleased with the prop he made. On time and on budget. Of course the true test will come when we bolt it on and go flying, but that is a later worry for a later day.

See...isn't this better than pictures of the cables I made today?



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