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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wires around the tail skid

Back at it again today. If you make the bracing wires for the bottom of the fuselage in Station 10 the same as all the other bays, the tail skid will hit during its travels. So to remedy this, Curtiss made a rectangular piece to spread the wires and still retain plenty of strength.

I did not have any drawings of this part. Paul Dougherty did quite a bit of researchand he figured it out. I was lucky enough to measure his plane during my last visit. From what I can tell, some Jennies used the rectangle (like this one) and others (Canucks I think?) solved the problem with a flat plate.

For those of you building a Jenny some day, the dimentions of the rectangle are 2 3/8 in. X 1 5/8 in.

I welded up the frame with .035 wall 5/16 in. tubing. Each loop of the wire has to be attached to the frame. When I was done, my kids thougjt it was a funny looking spider or something.

Anyway, the front of the rectangle was 6 3/4 in back from the cross member. I held the rectangle in place and marked the wires.

Here's the finished bay. You can see the hole for the tail skid (soon, I hope!)

I also made several other wires today...all in the back end of the fuselage.

Till tomorow.



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