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Friday, January 18, 2008

Fuselage is together !!

Well, the fuselage is finally together - from spider plate to tailpost!

Over the last few days, I sporatically worked on finishing up Stations 6 - 10, putting together each universal fitting to the longeron. Today, I finished joining the longeron to the tailpost.

I started by making a template from the upper tail post. Remember, as you cut away the ash, the longeron bends closer to the tail post. This moves the longeron "back" if you will, screwing up the perfect calculations for the perfect cut you already made. So, allow for that, please!

I rough cut the outline using a simple hand scroll saw. Final fit was made with a Dremel tool fitted with a sanding drum. That way, you can take a little off here and a little off there to make a good fit.

Here it is !

I'll cut the tailpost to size after I fit the fin and rudder. The tailpost houses two rudder hinges, so I want to make sure I have enough length. I still need to rout the center of the tailpost but that will wait intil I break the fuselage down and rout the longerons.

On a side note, I'm proud to report that the kids at Indian Lake High School have started making their own Jenny !! Several months ago, shop teacher Ed Rogers comtacted me and told me about his goal of building a Jenny with his students. I wished him luck and sent a few missing drawings. Sure enough, I received this photograph the other day with their progress!

I asked Ed to tell a little about the project. He writes:

"Student Andy Durm stands beside some of the preliminary production parts of a Jenny which is currently being researched for possible production by Indian Lake High School. The high school has an enrollment of roughly 600 kids and is still lucky to have two, full time Industrial Arts instructors. The high school is situated south of Indian Lake Ohio on the outskirts of Lewistown.

With any luck, the project will encompass a four year cycle of kids from the 9th grade staggered to seniors. The project came about as a suggestion from a group of shop kids who wanted to build a WW I fighter. A handful of them actually took it upon them selves to find everything which they felt we needed through networking of their own. Mainly, Brian's web page as one example...which we are gratefully indebted."

I wish I had a shop teacher like that when I was a kid.




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