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Friday, January 04, 2008

Cable Jig

I spent today trying to make a Wire Splicing/Wrapping tool.

While driving to PA, Andrew King was nice enough to call me and give me some of his secrets about making old style cables. I consider Andrew an authority on the source. He's a wealth of information about old techniques and I have seen some of his cable splices on a few Bucker tailwheels. They were really nice.

Andrew gave me some more tips about wire wrapping and soldering. He likes to use a different flux paste called La-Co Regular Flux Paste found at any good plumbing supply place. I may try to get some for comparison sake. He also gave me pictures of his cable splicing/wrapping tool. Using that knowledge, I made one of my own. Here it is:

I'm not ready to give Chet Peek back his old cable wrapping tool (see old blog). At least not yet! Not until I'm sure this new creation is going to work! We'll see soon.

Also picked up a Tycos Altimeter on e-bay.

Lastly - another act of kindness. Fellow Bucker Jungmann restorer Bob Bailey found this Jenny book in his father's collection. He immediately thought of me and the book was soon in my mailbox. I learned a lot from reading this book - especially when it comes to rigging. One of the first pages had a picture of a disassembled Jenny in a crate from the Curtiss factory! What a sight. Oh, what I'd do to see that right now.

Till next time (probably monday)



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