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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First cables made

Well, I had a chance to use Chet's new tool. As I expected, it made cable wrapping a breeze. Here's what it looked like in action:

Here's a trick I learned from Paul Dougherty. Start wrapping the cable about an inch or two below the thimble - right where the two cables touch together without interference. Then, with a needle nosed pliers and a tack hammer, push the wrapping to the top. It creates a nice tight wrap under the turned up end of the thimble and pulls everything together.

Above - the wrap after pushing to the top.

Do the "7 to 1" method to calculate your cable wraps. With 1/8 in. cable, the wrap should be 7/8 in. long with a 1/8 in. gap between them.

Trying to cut this cable makes me like the piano wire! It's a pain. But once again, Paul recommended that I use the grinding wheel to cut off the end. While you are there, grind the cable until you have a nice tapered end. Be careful and cut the right cable - they are together at this point.

Here's the finished end out of Chet's jig.

Here's an end fully soldered.

And here's the first two cables in place.

Till tomorrow, enjoy!



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