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Monday, December 24, 2007

Bad Cable and Engine Bearer lamination

Yesterday, I started making cables. The first cables I made, I used some leftover 1 X 19 cable that I had gotten from Aircraft Spruce a long time ago. I didn't have much - just enough to make a few test cables and two small Station 2 cables.

When I purchased the solder and flux from MSC, I decided to get some cable from them. Boy, was I surprised! When I put the thimble and cable in the jig, I noticed that the cable began to unwrap. One or two strands were lose down the entire length of the cable. I could not use the cable on an airplane this way!

In the picture above, you can see where I stopped wrapping. Notice the tightly wound Aircraft Spruce cable on the top and the lose MSC cable on the bottom.

Here's another shot of the cable. Hopefully, you can see the delamination in the photo.

Completely frustrated by the turn of events, I turned my attention to something else.

The engine bearers are laminated from four pieces of wood. The sequence is ash, spruce, spruce and ash. The total thickness is 3 inches.

My friend, neighbor and master woodworker Walter Ivey was kind enough to mill down some strips of ash for me. Here you can see the entire thing glued and clamped together. The original engine bearer is on the right.

Here is a shot after the clamps were removed. Next step is sanding it smooth and cutting to length.

Since it was bit cool in Georgia right now (50 degrees is too cold for the glue) I brought the entire thing into the house to dry. With all the clamps sticking out, the kids wanted to know what contraption was invading their living room!

I also had time to cut the engine bearer support piece. It is also laminated, but only with three pieces - ash, spruce, ash. I will glue this later. This piece goes across the fuselage at Station 3. The rear of the engine bearer rests here (the front goes in the spider plate). You'll see this soon.

Have a nice holiday season.




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