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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Verticals 2,3,4,5

Over the last couple of days, I had a chance to work on the front stations of the Jenny. I wanted to get the fittings bolted in place in anticipation of fitting the lower longeron in place. Station 4 and 5 seemed the most critical because they are the wing attach points and I wanted the wing fittings to line up properly.

Now - the fittings are sloped forward. The cabane struts attach on the top part of the fitting. The vertical brace (shown here) attach on the lower half between the longerons. They slope rearward.

Where do you measure the distance between stations? Center of the fitting? Center of the vertical strut? It's a pretty critical measurement, remember?

Several Curtiss drawings list the distances between stations. I poured over these drawings for a long time. None of them were specific. But finally, I found the answer. One drawing had a small notation, smudged and obscure, but readable. The distance between station4 and station 5 is measured between bolt centers. Ah ha! That makes sense.

That being discovered, I put stations 2,3,4,5 in place. Here's how I ended up drilling the holes. This picture shows Station 2. After measuring, remeasuring and measuring one more time, the fitting was set in place and my handy drilling jig was used. Advice - get the long drill bits. They work better!

Next step is fitting, tapering and splicing the lower longeron. I set the longeron in place for a trial fit. I wanted to see how close my bending jig came to the real fuselage. Not too badly. Only a bit of tweaking is in order. It's pretty close.

More early next week. Until then.....enjoy



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