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Monday, October 29, 2007

Brace wires & wire bending

I think today was a momentous occasion! The final wooden piece was finished, as were all the metal fittings needed to finish the basic fuselage structure. All the insides need to be made yet, but step at a time.

It was momentous because I broke the fuselage down for the first time to start building all the wires.

As I mentioned earlier, Robert Rust sold me his spare wire bender. His father built two benders back when they were working on lots of WWI stuff (Nieuport 28, SPAD, Pfalz). This tool has saved me !! Check this out - all you have to do is stick the .080 piano wire in the tool.

Pull the handle.

And voila! The perfect loop. All you have to do now is slide up the ferrule.

Tip - this piano wire is mean - it's even more mean when it's a short piece and you're trying to bend it. Wire is cheap. You sanity is not. Give yourself a lot of extra wire to give you leverage to bend the wire. Trust me!

Since I broke down the fuselage, it was time to put the upper fittings in place (the fuselage is built upside down, remember). After measuring several times, each fitting was marked and a small hole was drilled in the center.....

For the small brass screw that holds the fitting in place.

Now, the fun part! With the help of my new tool, I built the brace wires for the first three upper bays. It's amazing how strong the structure becomes at this point.

I have many more wires to build, so keep posted. See you then.



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