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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fuselage Station 2

Today's progress - I made the straps that hold Station 5 together. I have to cut the ash to size yet, and make the ash spacer.

Interestingly (above) the ash piece is 1 1/4 in square as per the only drawing I could obtain of the station. When I made the first strap, I bent it around my 1 1/4 in. forming bar. But, the longeron at this station is 1 1/2 in. !! It did not fit, so, I had to make another one. This left another interesting problem. How does the smaller ash cross brace fit into the wider longeron?

I searched through my pile of drawings and found one that outlined a radio bracket (of all things) that showed a cross section of Station 5. The smaller ash piece fits flush with the top of the longeron and a 1/4 in. ash doubler makes it flush with the bottom. Now it will all fit!

Above are the fitting that Dave Daugherty had cut with a water jet. They are Station 2 top and bottom, and parts of Station 5.

I bent the Station 2 Top piece on the forming bar.

I also finished routing the Station 2 wooden verticals. Here they are with the fittings in place. Luckily, I had an original piece to copy.

It's not exactly in place, but here is how Station 2 Top fitting will go.

Also bent Station 2 Bottom fittings. They are not complete. Another bracket will be brazed to them soon.

Here's where Station 2 Bottom will go.

More later. Enjoy



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