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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tail Post area

More fittings cane back from the water jet cutter. I used a local guy in Newnan, GA and he was very reasonable on price. Plus, he surprised me by calling the next day and saying the parts were done!

Anyway, I had the upper tail post fittings made, two engine bearer support plates and Station 4 fittings cut. Here they are:

Now, to make them work. The upper tail post fitting was...shall we say...interesting. If you follow the drawings closely, it works out pretty well. I used heat with this fitting and bent it over some block steel. Watch the 14 1/2 degree angle pretty closely and the rest works out.

Here's the finished part in temporary primer. The finish will get scratched as I build the tail post area anyway, so no use wasting good paint.

To cut the ash pieces, I used a simple coping saw.

After several cuts, I put a scrap tail post in place. This one came with the project and was no good. But I found a great use for it as the tailpost template! I can tap it, twist it and move it around to get the end straight without worrying about damaging it. I'll make the new tailpost later.

Till tomorow



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