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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Center section fittings

While waiting for the fittings to come back from the lazer cutter, and finishing up building a shed to free up shop space for the 24 ft fuselage table, I decided to take apart the remnants of the center section that came with the project. If you look closely at the rib, you can see how they attached the fabric with hobnails!

There were three of the four needed fittings in the old center section. Below is a picture of one fitting as it was removed and another that just came out of the bead blaster. It's a really good pattern for the one I have to make from scratch down the road. The fitting is three pieces brazed together.

When I blasted the other two fittings, I noticed the neat braze colored plating the Curtiss factory must have originally used to coat the entire fitting. I tried to save as much of it as I could by keeping the bead blast pressure low.

Here's the fitting after a coat of DP90 black paint. Sorry for the lighting issue - the part really is the same black color as all the other fittings.

I also re-made the fin to stabilizer wires because I did not like the way the first set turned out. I knew I could do a better job. These, too, were painted last night as well as a bunch of other miscellaneous fittings from the tail.

Hope to build the fuselage table this weekend.




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