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Welcome! We hope you enjoy following the restoration process of a 1918 Curtiss JN4D Jenny. Once completed, the aeroplane will be flown and displayed at the Candler Field Museum in Williamson GA (30 miles south of Atlanta). You can contact me below by clicking on "VIEW MY PROFILE"

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Spider Plate

Good news! The spider plate arrived today!

Doc Hood in California had five spider plates cut and bent. He is keeping three for his own Jennies and was kind enough to send one our way.

Even the box was a work of art! Thanks, Doc.

Here's a close up.

This is an OX-5 spider plate. With some modifications, it will fit the Hisso. The ledge which holds the OX radiator will have to be cut off and the curved lower pieces that hold the Hisso radiator will have to be made. You'll see more about this later.
As for progress on the tail - lots of little things. Both elevators are complete. All the metal parts have been put on for good. Same for the stabilizer. Plus, the rudder now has the first coat of varnish.
Till tomorow.


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