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Friday, November 03, 2006

fin and rudder

I was told Jennies had a weak fin. Paul Dougherty told me about it. However, Frank Shelling just sent me the original blueprints dated August 1918 that showed how the Army solved the problem. It made interesting reading:

Attached blueprints of three fittings for strengthening the tail fin on American built Curtiss'.

This was first used by the R.F.C. in the summer of 1917, after having several tail fins break in a spin, and in one instance the tail fin came completely off killing, the pilot and the pupil.

Good enough reason for me.

Anyway, the modification called for a forward brace wire on the fin. A piece of .090 steel was cut, bent and drillled to fit the fin. Also, the stabilizer fitting was modified to take two wires (one from the top of the fin and one from the middle of the fin). You can see the finished pieces above.

Here's a shot of the fitting on the fin.

Also finished welding the second rudder post hinge fitting.

More soon.



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