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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Elevators and fittings

Well, I started building the elevator tabs that go on the trailing edge. Wire spans between the tabs and the control horn to give the elevator ridgidity.

First, an .063 piece of steel was bent around some trailing edge scrap. I bent this by hand (with good gloves) then finished it to shape with a hammer. Squeezing with a vise helps form the final shape.

After tracing the pattern onto the steel, the tedious process of grinding begins.

Here's the tab after grinding, filing and sanding. A hole is drilled for a AN3 bolt.

Here's the fitting after primer. The holes for the pins will be drilled later. Only two more straight fittings to make yet. Plus there are five similar fittings with an angle. You'll hear about thoes later.

As I had hoped, the brazing of the two halves went really well. (ref. previous blog). Three of the tabs are finished. Four small ones will be completed soon.

Had a chance to sand the corner blocks on elevator #1. I used the portable belt sander then finished with 220 grit sandpaper.

Here's another shot.

The status of the elevators below.




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